Answering Calls Professionally

Having someone available to answers the calls you receive even after-hours isn’t enough. It is important that whoever answers your customer’s calls, he or she would be able to leave a good impression for your company. Having your own receptionist can be a great asset to your company or business because he or she can answer the calls in a professional way. Your receptionist may be tasked different things to do but his or her main role is to answer the phone. Some people may be able to hire a professional receptionist while others just make use of their available staff to answer their calls. Although this can also be an option, it may not be the best idea but Continental Message Solution reviews will help you have all your calls answered in a professional way.

Their call agents have been trained to make sure that they act professionally no matter what. They are also trained to get to know your business so that they can really help your callers even if you and the rest of your staff are not around because it’s already after office hours. If you still insist on having one of your employers receive your calls, you should at least train them to act professionally. Here are some guidelines.

  • Teach them to smile – Whenever they answer the phone, you have to tell them that they have to smile. Although no one can see them or the person on the other line can’t see them smile, a smile will still help them sound warm and helpful. They also tend to be more respectful in answering any inquiries the person on the other end of the line has.
  • Greetings and being polite – Aside from smiling, they also should know how to great your customers. Start with a greeting like “Good morning” then make the caller know that they are calling the right number by mentioning your company’s name. It would also be better if they introduce themselves before they finally ask what they can do for the caller.
  • Know how to listen – Hearing them is not enough, receptionists really need to listen to the callers so that they can attend to their needs promptly. Sometimes, callers can be mad if they always repeat what they are saying because your receptionist isn’t actively listening.
  • Organization is key – Your receptionist or anyone receiving your calls should also make sure that he or she is organized. Taking note of the time of call and the need of the caller and listing it down helps to make sure that the caller’s needs is provided. You might also want to keep track of what calls you receive for possible potential future clients or just to improve your service.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to verify – When something is unclear, it would be best for your receptionist to verify it to the caller rather than to assume something else.
  • Thank the caller – After giving enough information that the caller wants or after providing whatever they need, it would be best to thank them for their call. Remember that they spent time with you and is likely to consider your service that’s why they called.

How Does A Call Sheet Organize Film Making Process?

Film making is a craft that demands perfection, not to mention organization. Without these things, it could be a difficult thing to shoot a movie. Making a movie involves a lot of tedious processes. For instance, you need to find the right actor or actresses. Finding them could be tricky considering just how many actors to choose from. Next, you need to have the right members of your film crew that are professional. It is common to outsource to different teams in order to have an easier time getting the right people.

Call sheet plays an important role in order to have an organized shooting day. What most people don’t know is that it takes a lot of effort in order to make one. Assistant directors use different types of templates in order to make the best call sheet for the actors and the crew. If you are wondering, what are the most common things you’ll see in a call sheet? Here are the things that you’ll see.

Date, title and location

On top of any call sheet, you’ll typically see that there is a title, along with the location and the date. There are also times when the assistant director will also provide you with the weather forecast. This way, for outdoor shots, it is possible to determine when to shoot specific scenes.


Which scenes are going to be shot for the day? This will guarantee that the day will be maximized. There will be no wasted hour, since for every hour, there will be an assigned scene that has to be shot. For the part of the actors, this allows them to prepare for the parts. This format is an organized means of shooting movies or shows. They could internalize the part in order to get the best results.


It isn’t every day that you will have to shoot indoors. There are times when the location required means that you will all have to treck together. For these scenarios, it is imperative for the assistant director to also include the hazards that could be encountered along the way.


What are the means of transportation to the location? For those who have their own car, they could go there directly. Most call sheets will have a map in order to find out where to go. You could have it on your GPS and simply go there. As for the crew, the film production crew will most likely provide a bus which will depart and arrive on location on time.

So what is the common problem that you’ll encounter with the call sheets? It is common to find problems locating the call sheet. For those who can’t locate call sheet in their emails, this prompts the assistant directors to micromanage and call those who haven’t confirmed receiving the notice. Since this could be taxing, there are those that make use of software that could make monitoring so much easier. You could see who else hasn’t opened their email. This means that you could just narrow down the reminders to people who haven’t opened the email. This also promotes accountability on the part of the crew members.

Do Business Cards Still Matter?

We all are aware that after the technology has taken many new turns and new tech have been introduced, many conventional things are now out of practice. Writing a letter and sending it through post along with attached pictures or something else is all but gone. No one even remembers doing such things. Similarly, it has been regarded by some that after we have entered the digital era, the use of stock or paper has been reduced and any thing given in hard copy is just another paper no matter how important matter it contains.

Similar things have been said about business cards. Business cards used to be very prevalent before and there is no doubt about the fact that sometimes, just the design and style of the card would secure the early meeting by giving out the best impression and show of class. But the question here asked is- do they still matter? Do we still need the business cards even though we know that we can have each and every thing recorded in electronic devices with a backup? Interesting thought.

But if corporate experts and workers are to be believed, you do not need to give a second though to this that the business cards still matter a lot. They matter because basically, we are bad at remembering things. Well, a great example to show this is true is you can take any person you met recently and recall about the conversations and thoughts you shared or had in mind. Well, you will notice that most of the time you were trying not to sound stupid even though you were being prompt. And when it was all over, you just moved on forgetting the name. This is because when you meet a person at any specific business event, you will always have conversations but if you do not get anything to remember from it, you wouldn’t. However, the contact might be useful in the long term and could solve your problems in the future. Thus, it is always wise to take a note or two or ask for the business card as soon as you are parting ways.

A business card is almost like a key to a treasure. A decent looking business card could provide you with the best business ventures, new job offers and a very good impression in front of the clients. There would be no hassle and embarrassing moments where you are looking to write your details Thus, you save yourself the embarrassment and certainly show the ‘class’.

Thus no matter what one says or how much advanced we go into the digital world, there are some things that will always be important and useful to us in every part of the life. Business cards are one of those few things. And it is not too hard to get few printed for yourself. All you need to do is to view cheap business cards design that are available online and then order. Then get ready to set your elegant first impression.

Taking Care and Restoring Antiques

Taking care of antique items and relics could be a pain staking part. You need to see for your self that no further damage is done to the antique item, if there is, it’s a big catastrophe. The priceless just got less without the price, to avoid such failure and disaster, you need to hire a specialist in restoring exotic and rare antiques the way they look exactly before.

If you are not looking forward to hire a certified expert in repairing antique items, you can then do it by yourself as long as you know what needs to be done. You can also look and search through the net for sources on how to restore and repair antique items. The procedures are not quite easy, so must say just be careful, you might damage the item even more.

For more tips, you can watch the video below, enjoy watching!